What our clients are saying…

Connie Eisenhour and her staff at Ashland Home Care were amazing! Thanks! While we were going through a very difficult time, Connie and her staff worked diligently to get us scheduled with home health so quickly. Her staff gave phenomenal health care and were extremely compassionate at a very stressful time for the family.

We want to thank you and your group for being there for us in a time of need. We would highly recommend Ashland Home Care and are deeply grateful for all the loving care you provided.

~ Mitchell Family

Ashland Home Care assisted both my parents beginning at a time in their lives when they only needed a little extra assistance; for instance after a hospital stay. Initially, they only required help a few hours a day and that worked out quite well. My parents were very private, self sufficient people not really wanting help or admitting that they could use a little help. AHC worked with the schedule that we requested, supplying very qualified, compassionate ladies who were very respectful of my parents’ needs and wants without making them feel as if “they were being taken care of” and couldn’t do things on their own. In fact, they always encouraged them to do what they were capable of.

I live out of state, visiting every three weeks and calling daily, and it was very important to me that I always had good communication with the management and staff. I definitely found that to be true as we spoke at least several times a week and had very open communication via email with any concerns or questions.

As time passed and after my mother passed away, we increased the frequency and length oftime that we needed help for my father. Chad and Connie were not only accommodating but also extremely sensitive to exactly what we needed. Over the last five years of my father’s life they were instrumental in working with me to provide excellent care, increasing as was necessary, yet being sensitive to what my father himself wanted, both physically and mentally, by engaging in stimulating conversation as he loved to keep up with current events. I appreciate the excellent care AHC provided for my parents and definitely highly recommend them.

~ Karen Walsh, daughter of Robert & Anita May

Ashland Home Care has given my mom, Joan Wenrick, loving and compassionate care over the past six years. Management is extremely professional and devoted to working with families and providing outstanding caregivers. Initially, my mom started out with support at her home. As time evolved, assistance was provided within an assisted living facility. All the caregivers are excellent!

Currently, my mom’s private aides are with her two days per week at the skilled nursing home. Thanks to them, my mom has a companion each week to take her on walks outside, accompany her to social activities such as Bingo, and music events, and most importantly, a friend to talk with and drink coffee with in front of the fireplace in the lobby! The caregivers provide loving, nurturing, and fun care to my mom in-between our own weekly visits. They help set up weekly hair appointments at the salon for my mom and help my mom use her cell phone when we call. They are able to talk with us over the phone to provide updates and details about the day when we call, as this communication piece is critical! It gives me so much peace of mind on the days when the caregiver is with my mom! It is obvious that being there is more than a job for them.

We want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to Ashland Home Care and the caregivers for the assistance and care that they provide my mom.

~ Ann Taylor, daughter of Joan Wenrick

The caregivers from Ashland Home Care were lovely people. They helped my husband, who has a traumatic brain injury, with all of his necessities and also read to him, talked to him, and played games with him. They really helped him along in every way. All Best Regards.

~ Edith Foster, wife of Dave Foster

Dear Ashland Home Care,

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave my mother, she looked forward to your staff coming. They always brightened her day!

~ Joanne Eisel, Daughter of Dorothy Brown

Just had to share my experience with Ashland Home Care. The level of care was awesome. Very supportive professional and caring. I travel a lot and always knew my Dad was safe and loved. The peace of mind that Ashland Home Care gave us is priceless. Keeping him in his own home was so comforting for Dad. Thanks so much.

~ Joyce Jenney, daughter of Earl Lang

Thank you for all the assistance provided to my mother, Mary Grady, upon such short notice. The members of your staff I have met appear quite competent, are a delight and represent your agency extremely well. I know that you have stopped by several times and I appreciate your personal involvement.

~ Lawrence Leaman, Son of Mary Grady

I called Ashland Home Care at a critical time in my husband’s care. He had Parkinson’s and had been in pretty good health. About five months ago he started having some problems and I needed help with night care. So that was when I contacted Ashland Home Care and they came to our home and we talked about what they could do to give us the help we needed. It was really great to get some rest at night and the aides were wonderful caring persons. They made life so much easier for us. They were always willing to work with our schedule. I thank Ashland Home Care for the quality of service and compassionate care.

~ Marlene Shoup, for my husband Ronald

I thought I would drop you a note and tell you how much we appreciated the care given to Frances these past few months. Their care and concern for her physical and mental outlook was truly amazing and you should be very proud of your service to the area.

Again, thank you for the wonderful staff you provide.

~ Tammy Kline, niece of Frances Hoff

Thank you for all that your team has done to help in caring for my parents. I called Connie seeking assistance with very little notice and ever-changing staff requirements. Connie and her team rose to the challenge and worked tirelessly to plan for a variety of staffing needs as the situation with my parents continually evolved. She was flexible, helpful, and the consummate professional in working through each “family crisis” as it developed. Connie and her team helped make a difficult transition from a skilled nursing facility to home care seamless for my parents and our family.

My parents were very satisfied with the team she put into place. Dawn, Jessica, and Dana were all kind, caring, and compassionate when working with my parents. Connie’s emphasis on “continuity-of-care” was so appreciated by my father (who suffers from dementia) that after a very short period of time he was interacting with his companion-care providers, as if they were life-long friends. I heartily recommend Connie Eisenhour and Ashland Home Care Services.

~ Russell A Sauder, MD, MBA

My father, Arthur B. Gorsuch, a long -time resident of Ashland, Ohio and active in education and civic affairs throughout his professional life and retirement, passed away in May at the age of 101. He was in steadily declining health during the past few years, and our family engaged the services of Ashland Home Care, Inc. to provide caregiver support at steadily increasing levels. This service from AHC, Inc. enabled Art to remain in his home instead of in an assisted care facility.

Initially, the support was for a daily shift to ensure that he was eating well, and to assist with basic physical, medical, and living needs. As time took its toll on his physical and mental health, the care was eventually increased to 24/7 coverage that continued until his death. Ashland Home Care, Inc. provided not only skilled care giving, but also compassionate care for Art; a quality of service that became increasingly important to Art as his cognition abilities began to deteriorate. His resulting mental confusion was greatly allayed by the caring love that the AHC caregivers offered.

Over the 5 year time period, there were many caregivers, and each of them provided the skills and assistance that enabled Art to satisfactorily function and enjoy his remaining years in his own home. The management of the caregivers, by Ms. Connie Eisenhour demonstrated unusual understanding of the needs of this elderly man, and she managed her staff to provide it effectively. Our family is grateful to Ashland Home Care, Inc. for the services rendered to our father and we have no hesitation in recommending them to other families who find themselves in need of assistance in caring for a loved one.

~ Sue Enders, Daughter of Arthur Gorsuch

Connie Eisenhour and her extremely caring, competent caregivers have provided outstanding services for our parents in their home. It was a trying time getting our parents to agree to help and actually took three times until caregivers were accepted. The caregivers, seeing many issues that needed addressed to get their personal care and house in order, wisely instituted changes gradually, pushing at first the most critical issues and allowing our parents’ wishes to be honored in areas not as critical. Throughout the period of adjustment, Connie and her staff provided invaluable guidance to us. Sadly, Dad’s health deteriorated and he recently passed away but thankfully he was able to remain at home until the very last few days when he went to Hospice for relief from intense episodes of head pain.

We know that through the caregivers’ skills, they were able to make positive changes that the family had been unable to achieve. It has been such a relief to our family to have the caregivers which make our visits much more pleasant since we do not have to deal with many of our parents’ daily needs. Also, with our parents getting medicines on time and receiving daily care, visits to doctors and the ER have gone down.

In the eight months we have been receiving services, every hour of care has been covered as requested. Connie, a very organized professional, has been very “hands on” making weekly visits and always being available to talk through a variety of issues with us and her staff. In talking to friends about their sometimes negative experiences with home health care, we are extremely thankful that we have honest, trustworthy, dependable and loving caregivers and this is what sets Connie Eisenhour and her business Ashland Home Care, Inc. apart from other agencies.

~ Melanie Huber, Tom McNaull, Mike McNaull, Dan McNaull

During the past year before placing my parents in an extended care facility, I used the services of Ashland Home Care. Connie Eisenhour was very courteous and professional. She visited the home once a week to be sure the caregivers were performing their duties. She was always available for questions. The caregivers employed in my parents’ home were very conscientious and caring. They kept me informed as to possible problem areas and offered helpful suggestions.It was great relief to me and my family that they were being well taken care of. Without hesitation I would recommend Ashland Home Care for my loved ones.

~ WH Latham, Jr. DPM

On behalf of myself and our family I would like to express our heartfelt gratefulness for all you did for Mom. She was so fearful of spending her last days in a nursing facility. Thankfully she didn’t have to. She received the one-on-one care she needed and which she could not have received otherwise. Through your constant concern and great ability to see her needs were met, you eased the worry of tending to Mom. I simply could not have done what you and your staff did. I will highly recommend Ashland Home Care to anyone.

Simply amazing!!

~ Karen Patznick and the family of Harriett Young

The care and compassion given to my aunt, Ruth E. Cripe the past five plus years has been extraordinary, not to mention the professionalism and love. This has allowed her to live with dignity and grace in her own place. Words can not convey how much all of you have meant to her and me.

~ Bonnie Weaver, Niece of Ruth Cripe

I want to personally thank you again as head of Ashland Home Care for providing a group of caregivers to assist in June’s care that were so kind, qualified, and professional. You had your staff so coordinated I knew that one shift would carefully inform the next of any changes or new orders from the assisted living facility or hospice. It was so wonderfully comforting to know that because of Ashland Home Care June was able to stay at the assisted living facility for those last couple of years and especially the last few months when without your assistance she would have had to move to a nursing home.

I will enthusiastically continue to share with others my experience with Ashland Home Care and to let them know of the excellent care they can expect to receive.

~ Becky Ludwig, Family Representative for June Fockler

Ashland Home Care was called at a critical time in my mother’s life. They treated her with respect and kindness and enabled her to live as independently as possible. It was a great comfort to me to know that Mother had such excellent skilled care, especially since I live abroad. They were with her through her final days and they provided vital support. I thank Ashland Home Care for their quality of service and compassionate care.

~ Mary Morgan, Daughter of Helen Loyd